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It’s not about us, it’s about them!  Almost one-third of Illinois residents are considered poor or low income.  Sadly, regular grooming has become a luxury, rather than a necessity.  We want to change that! We hope you join us and become a part of our story.

When you choose to book an event with CHOP CHOP, for your company or brand, you also choose your impact.  We’ll set aside a portion of the sales, to fund our mission, which is to provide complimentary services for the communities that need it the most. Children, women, and people of color have the highest poverty rates.  Based on the numbers, we chose four communities to giveback to.  Keep scrolling to see which community your organization can impact!

Creating happy, healthy, beautiful communities…
one haircut at a time.

“It was such an amazing surprise for families to have this spectacular opportunity! Families absolutely LOVED it! What a wonderful surprise for guests!”

Ashley Nicoson

Corporate Liaison, United Way

“I really learned a lot from [Jay Barnett] yesterday at the CHOP CHOP event…just wanted to say thanks, I’m more disciplined and focused now.”

CHOP CHOP "Boys 2 Men" Event Attendee

Sophomore, Evanston Township High School


CHOP CHOP was created out of a need to provide busy professionals and those with limited mobility a unique and innovative way to benefit from the affect personal grooming has on our well-being. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!  One thing we know for sure, refreshing one’s appearance with something as simple as a haircut, new hair style, a little makeup or polish change, positively impacts the way people think, feel and behave.  We believe everyone should be afforded the opportunity to look and feel great, no matter their gender, race, age or socioeconomic status.


Social Responsibility & Impact

Our community events create platforms that foster dialogue, connection and exchange.  Our relevant and engaging, interactive events tell our story.  We not only provide those in need with beauty and grooming services, but access to resources, tools and opportunities that help aid in their professional growth and development.

Community Building & Engagement

Community engagement strategies nurture team members, prospects, customers and fans of your brand and help build a strong, authentic brand connection.

We help companies attract, retain, connect and get sticky with their target audience through memorable, interactive, and relevant live event experiences.  In addition, your brand becomes a hero, as an advocate and sponsor of events that benefit those in need.



When you book an event with CHOP CHOP, you’ll help deserving Chicagoland students receive complimentary beauty and grooming services for one of the following events:

  • Back to School
  • Prom
  • Graduation
  • Honor Roll

When you book an event with CHOP CHOP, you’ll help Chicagoland seniors receive complimentary beauty and grooming services.


When you book an event with CHOP CHOP, you’ll help members of the homeless receive complimentary beauty and grooming services.


When you book an event with CHOP CHOP, you’ll help following survivors, receive complimentary beauty and grooming services:

  • Cancer Survivors
  • Domestic Abuse Survivors
  • Veterans

Our Team

We’re an Illinois licensed and insured salon, with some of Chicagoland’s top hair stylist, barbers, manicurist and professional makeup artist. Our dynamic team is continuously working to find innovative ways to rekindle the true essence of customer service by creating unforgettable experiences.

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