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An employee benefit everyone can enjoy.

“As we enter the 2020s, empathy will reshape the way employers hire and retain talent.  Instead of putting shareholder value over all…a company’s purpose now includes investing in employees.  Companies are becoming more empathetic not only to attract candidates, but also to retain their workforce amid increasing expectations of what employers owe to their people.”

Mark Lobosco – Vice President of Talent Soutions, LinkedIn


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Employee Attraction

Our mobile salon & barbershop is a practical yet exciting service that gives your team members something to rave about.  Employee referrals have the highest conversion rate, and are the least expensive recruiting tool.  On-site beauty and grooming services, as an employee benefit, will help your company attract top-tier talent.

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Employee Retention

According to MetLife’s Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends, “over 70% of employees who are satisfied with their benefits are loyal to their employers.” Round out your employee benefit plan with beauty and grooming services your employees will truly appreciate.  Build a culture that places value on overall employee well-being.

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Employee Productivity

Employees currently skip days, leave work early, or drive to the nearest salon or barbershop during their lunch break. CHOP CHOP will help increase employee productivity by giving team members the option to remain on-site, and giving them the ability to work up until their scheduled appointment times.

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We want to feed your team and discuss total well-being in the workplace.  Topics we’ll explore during the lunch and learn are:

  • Top talent trends for 2020
  • Top challenges for managers in 2020
  • How employers are beefing up benefits programs
  • Workplace stress and the impact on employee productivity



Stress in the workplace adversely impacts employee health and productivity. We’re mindful of every detail. Our experiential beauty and grooming services are designed to incorporate a level of pampering that enhances the physical and mental well-being of your team members.


Deion Sanders said it best, “When you look good, you feel good; when you feel good you play good; and when you play good, they pay good!”  We’re in total agreement.  A beautiful workforce boosts morale, and can positively impact your company’s bottom line.


Our mobile salon and barbershop amenitiy will enhance employee benefits, ultimately leading to higher engagement. CHOP CHOP can broaden rewards and recognition plans, further personal and professional development, and support a culture that puts in place programs that will attract and retain top talent.


Our mission is to create platforms that foster dialogue, connection and exchange and dispel racial stereotypes one haircut at a time. Majority of salons cater to specific demographics, and we set out to change that.  No matter who sits in our chair, they can feel confident that our professionals are trained and equipped to service their hair type.  We pride ourselves on servicing all races, genders, hair and skin types.  This makes CHOP CHOP a suitable employee benefit or all employees to utilize.


Salons and barbershops have traditionally been known as safe spaces where clients connect and converse.  Our on-site amenity will draw team members from different departments and create an enviornment for collaboration in a casual setting.


When your company adds CHOP CHOP as an employee benefit, we provide marketing materials to circulate to your team members.  Employees schedule an appointment, select a service, and receive a text message reminder allowing them to work until their scheduled time.  Team members come back to work rejuvinated, confident and ready to take on their next meeting, or project. 


Referrals are the least expensive and most impactful recruitment tool.  Team members help recruit strong pre-qualified candidates.  Give your employees unique benefits that matter to them, make them more productive and helps provide worklife balance.



“Today’s wellness programs contribute to an employee’s overall quality of life. These programs address not only physical health but mental, emotional and social health, which together contribute to an employee’s overall quality of life.”
Future of Business and Tech

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