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"Two women sitting in chairs getting their hair styled."

It’s time to decide where to invest your 2018 budget.  Employee wellness programs are worth the investment.  According to Forbes.com, every $1 investment in employee wellness programs saves $3 in healthcare costs.

When the workplace is hectic and understaffed offices result in overworked employees, we understand one of the biggest challenges that CEO’s face is low employee morale.  Last we checked 50.8 percent of US workers were considered “not engaged” and 17.2 percent were “actively disengaged”  in their jobs. –Gallup

It’s possible  over half of your employees are showing up to do the minimum required and routinely looking for the next opportunity to work elsewhere.

We’re in business to help your company look like a hero.

Don’t be like other companies that just focus on measuring engagement, our mission is to help you improve engagement. Keep employees productive, reduce absenteeism, attain and attract top talent by investing in everyday working moments and aligning engagement with other workplace priorities.

Differentiate your business from competitors by adding an onsite salon and barber to your employee wellness program. Round out your total rewards and employee benefits with a highly desired service.   Many of today’s top companies in tech, healthcare, insurance, property management and co-working spaces include an onsite salon and barber as a key benefit in their employee wellness programs.

Our Pop-up Salon and Salon Trailer are both perfect for:

  • Employee wellness program
  • Employee appreciation
  • Product launches
  • Holiday parties
  • Corporate picnics
  • Headshots and photo shoots
  • Video & TV production